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Project Structure

This guide will show you how a Starlight project is organized and what the different files in your project do.

Starlight projects generally follow the same file and directory structure as other Astro projects. See Astro’s project structure documentation for more detail.

Files and directories

  • astro.config.mjs — The Astro configuration file; includes the Starlight integration and configuration.
  • src/content/config.ts — Content collections configuration file; adds Starlight’s frontmatter schemas to your project.
  • src/content/docs/ — Content files. Starlight turns each .md, .mdx or .mdoc file in this directory into a page on your site.
  • src/content/i18n/ (optional) — Translation data to support internationalization.
  • src/ — Other source code and files (components, styles, images, etc.) for your project.
  • public/ — Static assets (fonts, favicon, PDFs, etc.) that will not be processed by Astro.

Example project contents

A Starlight project directory might look like this:

  • Directorypublic/
    • favicon.svg
  • Directorysrc/
    • Directoryassets/
      • logo.svg
      • screenshot.jpg
    • Directorycomponents/
      • CustomButton.astro
      • InteractiveWidget.jsx
    • Directorycontent/
      • Directorydocs/
        • Directoryguides/
        • index.mdx
      • config.ts
    • env.d.ts
  • astro.config.mjs
  • package.json
  • tsconfig.json